The History Your School Left Out

Come with us as we relearn American History via the full black experience and unpack how that experience impacts America today


Episode 26

Published on:

29th Apr, 2021

Episode 25

Published on:

26th Mar, 2021

Episode 24

Published on:

18th Mar, 2021

Episode 23

Published on:

25th Feb, 2021

Episode 22

Published on:

11th Feb, 2021

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About the Podcast

The Black Codes
In an attempt to understand what the hell is going on in America, Savannah and Donald (two self proclaimed N*ggas With Attitudes and degrees) embark on a quest to connect the dots between past and present. Through research, data and shade, The Black Codes aims to look at the present state of America through an often overlooked lens, her actual/factual relationship with her Black citizens. Join us every Thursday as we uncover the many ties and lies that bind America’s past & present.